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The story of all-night decoration

Time: 2020-09-21

Strong action power In 2011, a large Japanese company commissioned Maxevis to find a supplier of a special water bottle.
Maxevis acted immediately and contacted 3 factories for inspection within a very limited time and found that 2 of them were larger in scale but didn’t produce similar bottle. The third one is smaller in scale, but it is indeed a professional manufacturer of this kind of bottle.
This small factory has also undertaken many outsourced orders from large companies. Therefore, professionalism and quality can be guaranteed, and after accounting, the production capacity can also meet the requirements of Japanese customer. Therefore, we decided to recommend a third company with a smaller scale but the correct product to the customer. But the problem is that the third company has a small factory and the internal and external environment and 5S are far from meeting the requirements of Japanese customer. And the customer will visit the factory the next day. How can Maxevis prevent the customer from denying the factory because of external conditions?
What can Maxevis do for customer? After a short period of thinking, Maxevis immediately decided to transform this small workshop overnight! Just do it! Maxevis quickly sketched out a set of decoration plans with the factory owner which mainly included suspended ceilings, carpeting, partitions to separate the office area and  meeting rooms, purchasing office furniture, painting the walls, dividing the workshop area, 5S cleaning and so on.Many decoration details need to be completed in just 20 hours.The owner of the small company shook his head, this is impossible! ! ! (Due to this pessimistic attitude, he was not very active in the purchase of some materials. However, in order to take the overall situation into account, Maxevis bears the cost of materials by ourselves and insist on the mission of serving customers wholeheartedly and turning the impossible into Possibly!)
The manpower available on site is also very limited. After Maxevis made detailed work assignments, everyone immediately became busy and nervous. There were constant emergencies during the 20-hour continuous work period, but everyone was united and finally made the factory reborn before the customer came!
The bright and clean factory building, with orderly materials, let the customer’s eyes shine, and when the customer listens what Maxevis worked hard for this project, the customer immediately confirmed the order. Customers are deeply impressed by Maxevis's spirit of serving customers. The boss of the small company was also moved by Maxevis' action. To complete the renovation of a company in less than 20 hours, Maxevis faced too many resistances, difficulties and challenges. This is an impossible task for anyone! But Maxevis did it!
Because Maxevis believe: it's not whether you can do it, but whether you want to do it or not! Determination and faith are above all else!As long as you have the determination and belief to win, any seemingly impossible task can be done. Maxevis=Maximum Service

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