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The story of an LG mobile phone

Time: 2020-09-21

Provide customers with more than 20 times
the value and service  Maxevis has an Iranian customer cooperating with consumer electronics, and this customer is also the general agent of LG mobile phones in Iran.
At that time, an Iranian customer and a large factory were cooperating with tablet computers. Due to the break of the capital chain of the tablet computer factory, the factory will soon be closed and sealed by the court. A large number of raw material suppliers gathered in the factory, hoping to recover the arrears in time. One of the power adapter suppliers arranged for personnel to guard the gate of the factory in order to get the payment in arrears. Without approval, any goods can only enter but not exit. The Iranian customers were very anxious when they heard the news, because they had 300,000 US dollars of goods already paid, and the shipping schedule was a week later, but they couldn't get the goods now! They will not only lose 300,000 US dollars, but more importantly, they will delay the launch time of LG tablets in Iran, and the entire project will suffer huge losses. Iranian customers found our CEO Mr. Wu with the mentality of giving it a try.
After listening to the entire incident, Mr. Wu immediately used resources to contact Mr. Li, the boss of the power adapter factory, and arranged a time and place for an interview. The two parties met at the Baolilai Hotel in Fuyong and finally reached an agreement after a long period of negotiation. Mr. Wu and Mr. Li immediately went to the tablet factory to sign a written agreement. Mr. Wu, with a deposit of 20,000 US dollars and promised that the power supply of our factory in the future, will use the products of this factory as a condition for customers in exchange for 300,000 US dollars of delivery. The Iranian customers, Mr. Wu and Mr. Li immediately went to the tablet computer factory to go through the procedures for releasing the goods. Less than 2 hours after the goods were pulled away, the court arrived and sealed up the factory! After this, the previous salesperson of the tablet computer factory told the Iranian customer: "They are the only company among many customers that picks up the goods!"
The boss of the Iranian customer was grateful after learning about Maxevis' efforts in this matter. To express his gratitude, he sent a mobile phone from Iran that was the most high-end in the LG series at the time.
Why do we mention the story of this LG phone? It is because we want to convey to everyone: Maxevis is a customer-oriented company, we will provide customers with more than 20 times the value and service,we will serve every customer wholeheartedly and be a company you can trust!
As the saying goes, The roses in her hand; the flavor in mine ! Maxevis will continue to carry forward the spirit of serving customers and create more and better services. Maxevis, the one you can trust!

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