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Model no. S1 Self-heating accurate temperature control Cup

Special Features:

1. Put the cup on the charging station to keep the beverage in a settled temperature.

2. The cup button has built-in heating equipment, to keep the cup in a settled temperature at least 1H after leaving the cup pad.  

3. Prevent empty cup heating: if there is no any beverage inside. It will recognize and turn off automatically.

4. Keep the cup untouched 2H, it will stop working and turn off automatically

5. The cup has built in vibration sensor, when you take the cup up, it will turn on automatically

6. There is a touch panel on the pad to setting the temperature. And has 16pcs of digital lights (45-62.5) to indicate different temperature. Slid to a certain temperature, related LED will light up, the cup will compare the temperature and heating or stop heating to wait the beverage cooling down itself.  And the light flashing Left side(Heating)or right side(Waiting the beverage cool down) to guide you the status. 

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Volume: 320ml
Material: 304 stainless steel,ceramic painting
IPX7 waterproof 

Temperature scope: 45-62.5 degree

Full charging time: 2H

Battery capacity: Lithium build-in recharge batter 7.4v/2200mAh

Unit size :11.1 × 8.9 × 8.9 cm

Unit weight: 373 Grams

Adaptor output: DC19V/1.89A
Color: black and white

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