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Modelo no. G3 Garrafa de ambiente inteligente

Características especiais:

LCD touch screen,temperature visible and color double indicate the temperature for you before drinking.
Setting 2hour alarm to remind you drink entourage water during your busy daily.
Double wall vacuum insulation,keep water 24H quente e 12H cold
Livre de BPA
Magnetic Charging on smart Lid.
The exibição will show "NO" or "X" for 10 consecutive quiet hours,we suggest not to drink this water.



Cup material:304 stainlaço ess
Display:HD LCD screen
Capacidade: 500ml
Battery capacity:220mAh with rechargeable Li-ion battery
Charging method:magnetic charger
Impermeável: IPX7
Color available: black,white,green,purple

packaging size:82*82*262mm
gross weight:419.96g

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